July 29, 2016

The Package

A new and updated edition of the highly successful Exploring Science for the Junior Cycle.

The new Exploring Science package covers all the learning outcomes in the specification, reflects the first Junior Cycle Science Exam 2019, incorporates additional exam-style questions and delivers streamlined content based on teacher and market feedback.

Student Textbook

  • Divided into the five strands of the new specification: Nature of Science, Biological World, Chemical World, Physical World and Earth and Space
  • Comprehensively covers all the Learning Outcomes, Learning Intentions and Key Skills required
  • Reflects the first Junior Cycle Science Exam 2019, with questions and activities in line with those used in the SEC Exams
  • Summary Questions and Assessment Questions are now included in every chapter
  • Each chapter is introduced using the Learning Intentions and Keywords
  • Promotes active learning and self-assessment
  • Encourages independent learning through research activities
  • Develops literacy and numeracy
  • Includes a mix of individual and group work activities to promote active learning
  • Provides activities that promote research-based enquiry
  • Engages students with scientific issues and ideas to develop scientific literacy
  • Provides opportunities for peer-based learning and peer feedback
  • Student-friendly design, layout and language-level (SMOG tested):
    • Well-labelled diagrams
    • A wide range of photos and illustrations
    • Coloured tabs to identify the five separate strands


Student Activity Book

  • Contains additional material, questions and activities to complement textbook content
  • Enables students to record and monitor their progress
  • Provides templates for peer and self-assessment


Teacher's Resource Book

  • New and extensive Teacher Planning section with suggested yearly teaching plans
  • Plans are provided for every chapter in the Textbook and Student Activity Book
  • A guide to assessment in Junior Cycle Science and Exploring Science
  • An overview of the Principles, Statements of Learning and Key Skills within the Junior Cycle
  • Contains guidelines for teaching Junior Cycle Science
  • Provides peer assessment photocopiables, classroom-based assessment (CBA) templates and a subject learning and assessment review (SLAR) template
  • Features additional student activities and questions, suggested websites and famous scientists for every chapter
  • Includes solutions to textbook and Student Activity Book questions


Digital Resources

Teachers can access the Exploring Science interactive e-book at www.edcolearning.ie, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • Short, illustrative diagram animations
  • Chapter summary PowerPoints and peer and self-assessment PowerPoints
  • Engaging documentary clips from NASA
  • CBA 1: Extended Experimental Investigation (EEI) Videos – demonstrating real investigations by real students
  • Animated scientist biographies, especially created for Exploring Science
  • Additional summary and assessment questions
  • Schemes of Work and Units of Learning editable documents
  • A series of activity videos showing useful experiments
  • Time-saving template documents, including report templates, lab sign-in sheets and experiment templates
  • Weblinks documents for additional research
  • Mind maps with solutions
  • Solutions to all textbook questions... and lots more!

Digital resources are all referenced in both the Student Textbook and the Teacher’s Resource Book


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