July 29, 2016

The Package

Exploring Science has been written specifically for the new Junior Cycle by a team of experienced teachers and authors, who are specialists in their subject areas. It comprehensively covers the new Science Specification and the Framework for Junior Cycle.


Student Textbook

  • Focuses on the development of students’ knowledge and enjoyment of Science, referencing the Nature of Science strand throughout
  • Divided into the five strands of the new specification: Nature of Science, Biological World, Chemical World, Physical World and Earth and Space
  • Student-friendly design, layout and language level (SMOG tested)
  • Comprehensively covers all the Learning Outcomes and Key Skills
  • The user-friendly layout incorporates:
    - Learning Outcomes and Keywords at the start of every chapter
    - Well-labelled diagrams
    - A wide range of photos and illustrations
    - Coloured tabs to identify the five separate strands
  • Each chapter contains a wide selection of questions
  • Develops literacy and numeracy by highlighting key words and the interrogation of data
  • Includes a mix of individual and group work activities to promote active learning
  • Provides activities that promote research-based enquiry
  • Provides student-friendly Learning Outcomes
  • Engages students with scientific issues and ideas to develop scientific literacy
  • Links to the Statements of Learning as outlined in the Framework for Junior Cycle
  • Contains a substantial and detailed index


Click on the cover to view some sample pages from the book!


Student Portfolio Book

  • Free Student Portfolio provides additional material, questions and activities to complement textbook content
  • Enables students to record and monitor their progress with self-assessment checklists
  • Provides peer-assessment guides and tasks for each strand
  • Features mind maps, key facts and key words


Glossary of Terms Booklet

  • A comprehensive Glossary of Terms cross-referenced to the Textbook and Student Portfolio Book


Teacher’s Resource Book

  • Provides teachers with an introduction to key changes in the new Junior Cycle for Science, including Statements of Learning, Key Skills and literacy and numeracy
  • Contains guidelines on teaching Science for the new Junior Cycle
  • Includes solutions to all portfolio and textbook questions
  • Provides peer assessment photocopiables
  • Features additional student activities, suggested websites and famous scientists for every chapter
  • Digital resources outlined by chapter
  • Comprehensive glossary cross-referenced to the Textbook and Student Portfolio Book
  • Suggested yearly teaching plans
  • A Teacher's CD-ROM containing a range of resources including animated
    diagrams, experiment videos, worksheets, powerpoints and lots more


Digital Resources

Teachers can access the Exploring Science Online Interactive Textbook through
edcolearning.ie, as well as a bank of free digital resources including:

  • Short, illustrative videos and animated diagrams
  • Engaging documentary videos and worksheets
  • A series of experiment videos
  • Animated scientist biographies, especially created for Exploring Science
  • Peer and self-assessment PowerPoints
  • Thematic chapter PowerPoints
  • Time-saving template documents, including report templates, lab sign-in sheets, experiment templates, features of quality tips and more
  • ‘Safety in the Lab’ PowerPoint, and IBEC modules
  • Online glossary
  • Approved weblinks document

Digital resources are all referenced in both the Student Textbook and the Teacher’s Resource Book


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